Windsor Hill c. 1957: Slice B

This time I do recognise one face: Eileen Drummond.

The Drummonds lived back on to our row – Slieve Gullion Road – in The Meadow.  Theirs was Orior Road.  In fact, Eileen still lives in what originally was the family home, now with her husband Eddie and their own family.

Eddie Green is from a large family from Dromalane and over the years I became acquainted with almost all of them.  Our first married home in Newry was close to Artie Green’s in O’Neill Avenue.

Eileen’s sister Maureen is my eldest son’s mother-in-law.  Small world.

Anyway, the above slice (as usual L-R and B-F) shows:

Ian Moffett: Mearns Pollock

Davina Halliday: Eileen Drummond: Vera Clydesdale

Granville McGrann: Esther Scott

Jim Scott: Jim Heasley

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