Births & Deaths : Bro C.I. Gallagher

Among the recently deceased, I learn from this week’s Parish Bulletin, are

Patrick Maguire of  Daisy Hill Gardens and

James McCrink of Cowan Street


At Mass this morning we were asked to pray for the repose of the soul of


Bro C I Gallagher whose remains are being buried in Dublin as I write.


Brother Gallagher was formerly Principal of the Abbey Grammar School – some forty years ago, that is.


Brother Gallagher was a good teacher and an efficient Headmaster. He followed wee Harry Newell, as far as I recall.


He was a smoker – and we thought it hilarious that his initials were C.I.G. – especially since Gallaghers are (and were then) the largest local cigarette-makers!


If you are in prayerful mode, remember the sick and hospitalised, especially


Collie McGuigan, who took a hear-attack, I’m told, at the Ring of Kerry Cyclathon


Bridie Jones, who is getting a gall-bladder removal operation today and


Orlagh McCullagh, your editor’s latest [5th] grandchild (5 days old) who is in hospital with an infection.


Also our congratulations to the parents of the following recently baptised: 


Jessica Kerr Well Lane

Eimear Marie Ranaghan Blaney Crescent

Katrina Marian Ward Altnaveigh Park

Dylan Paul Keenan Ardfreelin

Tony Jaden Hughes-McEvoy Killeavy Road


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