A feed of buns

Of a Friday and Saturday night you wouldn’t want to leave the ‘Pass. They were here in droves! Women from Ballyargan, Glenn, Tyrone’s Ditches, Tannyokey and Drumbanagher – ALL in the ‘Pass for their groceries – in ponys and traps or walking or on bicycles. Ah, a sight for sore eyes.

On a Sunday morning there were ponies and traps everywhere – at the Chapel, the Church of Ireland, at the Meeting and the Baptist Church. All the ponies were tied up. Billy McGivern used to go up to the Chapel wall with a bag and gather the manure for his garden. Lots of people did that.

We thought we were badly off but when you look back on it, we hadn’t a worry in the world. We didn’t know what money was! I feel sorry for kids nowadays, they have so much pressure on them. We had nothing, and we wanted nothing, for no one else had anything!

In my case it was my own fault! I had Hamill Morrow there, and Robert Morrow and they’d a seen me right: I could have gone in anytime but I wouldn’t!

Sometimes I’d sneak in when they were away! On Sunday’s after the service in the Baptist Church, they’d always go straight to Clowney’s in Acton for their dinner, and when they were away up Chapel Hill, I went over their back yard and into their house – the door was never locked in them days. I would have a great feed of buns and cakes because Mrs Morrow was a great baker.

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