Dudley Bagenal

Nor did ALL the Bagenal family hold true to the officially-sanctioned line of succession to the English throne! From the Ordnance Survey Memoirs of 1836 (another useful general history source) we learn the following regarding the Bagenal property acceded to Creely in Carneyhaugh …

‘ .. this property included in the townland of Cornelough (sic) was purchased from the heirs of Creely by William Hill, the ancestor of the present Marquis of Downshire. By an act of parliament passed in the second (year of the reign) of William and Mary, a remainder, created by Nicholas Bagenal Esquire by a tripartite deed of indenture bearing the date of 19 August 1687, was set aside and declared null and void.

[For those attempting to keep up with the Bagenal generations, it should be noted that an earlier Dudley Bagenal, son of the Marshall on whose behalf his father had purchased the Barony of Idrone, died exactly a century before (and three years before his father) in an ambush in County Carlow – whence the Bagenals moved from Newry].

The person in remainder, Dudley Bagenal Esquire, had during the irruption of James II into Ireland, appeared in arms on behalf of that prince and had procured, by a pretended act of parliament, Nicholas, who had made the same indenture in his favour, to be attainted of high treason for adhering to William and Mary.

He had even dispossessed his benefactor of his lands, manors and tenants: and having seized upon them had leased and disposed of some of them as his own.’

Thus harshly does history adjudge of those who choose the losing side in a conflict.

Had the Battle of the Boyne gone the other way, no doubt Dudley would be the Bagenal most feted into the twentieth century and beyond!

I just wonder whether today’s Catholic Bagenal family (e.g. Johnny, or Tony – see photo in Clipper Tones on Threads – and Pat) are descended from this, or another such line. It might prove interesting to pursue this enquiry!

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