Sundays Wells

‘It wus always called the Blest Well [Sunday’s Well, Glen, Newry: also St Moninna’s Well, Killeavy] an’ the cures were after sunset or before sunrise.

Ye had till leave somethin’ behind ye or it wus no use.  But I wus a hard-workin’ man all me lfke, an’ with the best of health, so I didn’t be troublin’ the well.

 But there was a great gra’ for it in the oul’ days all the same.  They cum from all over the country till it, an’ in them days ye couldn’t have seen the bushes for rags.  Many a prayer wus said at it, an’ many a heavy heart wus lightened because of the hope that wud come till them from it – that’s why it was called the Blest Well.’

The celebration at St Bline’s Well [another name for St Moninna] takes place on the first Sunday in July.

The rags were petitions to the Saint for intercession with God in an emergency.

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