Barney Dan

I do not like the other sort

They’re tricky and they’re sly

An’ couldn’t look you in the face

Whenever they pass by …  

Still I’ll give ye that, here and there
You’ll meet a decent man
I would make exception, now
For Michael’s Barney Dan.
A better neighbour couldn’t be
He borrows and he lends
An’ – bar a while about the Twelfth
When him an’ me’s not friends –
He’ll never wait until he’s asked
To lend a helpin’ han’
There’s quite a wheen of Protestants
I’d swop for Barney Dan.
So while I have my private doubts
About him reachin’ heaven
His feet keep purty near the pad
On six days out of seven;
An if it falls within the scope
Of God Almighty’s plan
To save a single Papish soul
I hope it’s Barney Dan.

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