Meadow Memories 8


The favourite game of all was Tig around the Block. It involved literally dozens of us, boys, and occasionally a few girls and was played not just Round the Block but as far afield as The Pighall Loanan, Derrybeg, Sandy’s Field, The Line, The Plaits, The Bricky Loanan and all areas within, especially other people’s back gardens. Played on this scale, there had to be a whole team ‘on it’. The more dedicated of us played the game with surprising intensity and military discipline.

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Meadow Memories 4


How did our parents manage to make us all feel important? My mum helped me when I was studying for the 11+. She was “expecting”. After the first few, all mum’s confinements were at home. The news was brought downstairs that the baby had been born. I rushed up to congratulate mum and see the new baby. I brought my books with me, and asked mum to help me again with my work.

So much for rest and recuperation.

And she did, though I don’t think she could see the pages too well!

Despite the large number of siblings in our house, I never remember feeling “left out”.

All these children are now grandparents in their own right!

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1960 Ballinlare Gardens Newry

ballinlare gardens newry

Ballinlare Gardens, in 1960, was the home of our readers Mark Byrne, Peter Cunningham and Brian Fitzpatrick (and I hope, other readers) … and they will especially enjoy reminiscing on the following list of their good neighbours of a former time.

Ballinlare Gardens 1960

1 James Turley

3  Patrick Rafferty

5  Peter Kenny

7  Thomas Teggart

9  Ernest Shaw

11 John Kerrin

13 Thompson Brown

15 Sarah McComb

17  Hugh Mathers

19 James Treanor

21 Bartholemew Toal

23 Bridget O’Hare

25 James Campbell

27 William Campbell

29 John Byrne

31 Patrick Campbell

33 John Hillen

35 William Bittles

37 Robert McCormick

39a James Maguire

39b Josephine Loughran

39c Hilda Chapman

39d John Murray

41 Luke Quinn

43 Kevin Byrne

45 Patrick Kavanagh

47 John Mairs

21 William McCracken

4 David Graham

6 Laurence Hands

8 Thomas Mullan

10a James McCavitt

10b Peter Hollywood

10c Patrick McDonald

10d William Gribben

12 Brendan Byrne

14 Patrick Fitzpatrick

16 Michael Cunningham

18 Eugene Clancy