John McCullagh January 17, 2011

When I was about five years old in the late 1940’s I first stepped into the field, over the broken wall at the yard at our house in Maginness Street with the help of a ladder my father had bought from a man at his work.

John McCullagh January 7, 2011

Joe McCaigue and Gerry Montague wrote here recently on Guestbook, reminiscing on the residents of Water Street in days gone by. They might be interested in this Electoral List dating from 1946.

John McCullagh December 19, 2010

We are all descended from someone.  Do any of you recognise any one from the following list of residents of Bell’s Row of 1917?

John McCullagh December 16, 2010

I offer to Journal this photo of five Newry friends – and myself – enjoying a pint in the Irish Bar in Bolton Lancs in the 1990s.

John McCullagh May 5, 2010

It constitutes a slight curiosity only, now, I’m afraid, but fifty years ago and more, it played a fairly central role in many of our lives. 

John McCullagh April 5, 2010

With our close study of Upper Water Street over the centuries, it might seem one must conclude that overcrowding was at its worst a century ago in 1901. A glance at the population/houses statistics, of Famine times compared to just one hundred years ago, will tell you otherwise!