Newry Mineral Water Company

It was one of the few little luxuries we could afford in those days – a bottle or two of ‘Mineral Water’ – and the man called to the door on his way around the estates.


Charlie drove the Newry Mineral Water Company’s only Morris lorry – the rest were all Austin vans. There was some kind of natural progression from casual helper, joining as your ‘estate’ was covered, to part-time, then full time worker with the company.

Our photos show the Company’s premises, and some of those who worked there in the mid-60s. The photos are poor quality, but still, it’s the memories that count!

The group of three, L-R are Eddie Murphy, Frank McKeown and P J Bradley.

The second group (it was all one, but I had to split it to maintain ANY kind of photo quality) are L-R : Seamus Woods, Jim Forsyth, Noel McConville and John WHO? with behind, driver Paddy Thornton.

Our donor Nitram worked there too, but I’ll print his alias only as I have no permission to do otherwise!


Maybe that’s him, the faceless guy behind the lorry there!

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