Ever More Phrases

He’s the spit of himself   the child resembles his father

A bachelor has a loose leg  he can go where he pleases

An old man is but a bed of bones and thus not to be married!

What’s a gentleman but his pleasure and good luck to him!

Don’t turn your tongue on me  I’ll take no scolding from you!

He’s a well-langled man   dominated by his wife

A lucky man’s pot will boil without a fire

He was in his feet    bare-footed

He’s hard till insense   slow to anger

Honest men marry young, wise men not at all

What use is a man’s farm if his wife is a widdy:  ‘widow’

Many’s the man tied a knot with he’s tongue that his teeth cudn’t loosen
– be careful of what you say

A bad reaper blames the scythe  a bad workman blames his tools

I didn’t come up the canal in a bubble! Don’t take me for a fool, I wasn’t born yesterday etc.

If ye fell in a sheuch, ye’d come out smelling of roses etc.

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