Regular readers will have noticed that the Newry Journal is going through a mid-life crisis. We have been adding hair implants, dyeing the grey and keeping things up with some chemical stimulants. However, not all change is bad. The recent changes on the Journal bring some benefits:

  • A much more maintainable system for future viability
  • Better mobile-device support
  • Improved search
  • Comments for each article

We still have a lot to do so bear with us:

  • Most of the photo albums still need fixed
  • The Guest Book needs to be re-instated
  • New Layout – the current layout is temporary while I get time to work on something nicer

Feel free to leave feedback in the Forum.

5 thoughts on “Changes”

  1. Where is the Discussion forum? I miss my daily drug. It has taken me a week to even get this far and I find out that Santanta is the only one on board yet. What am I going to do? All my old friends are missing (except S). ED get them back as soon as you can PLEASE!!!!!

    • I take a few days away and when I get back I discover ED was there all the time and that nice shiny new “Jonny” is actually the old “Jonny” who has been masquerading as ED who was taking the credit for being “Jonny” and Ed is standing there waving his scalpel surrounded by adoring females and poor old Jonny is away feeding the kids and paying the server bills…..I should have stayed away!!!!!

  2. thank God, a bit of sanity is here, I was lost for a while and then santanta wrote to confirm that the eejits are slow! This lonely feeling is slowly evaporating as change slowly occurs,……………

  3. A big improvement so far. Them other eejits are not here yet. Sheer bliss without them…they are all heed the ball eejits…..what’s that I hear….oh no…sounds like eejits catching up. Good luck with the changes. The Journal is special and in a number of ways historically significant. Thanks to ED for his hard work.

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