More wholesome expressions!

A borrowed horse needs hard hooves.

Beauty never boiled the pot.

The burnt child fears the fire.

The old dog for the hard road: the pup for the pad.

St Patrick’s Day Parade in Newry

You can’t take feathers off a frog.

You’ll sup sorrow with a long spoon.

A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.

Good goods come in small parcels.

Storms bring all sorts of birds together.

He’s better wearing out the boots than the blankets.

You might as well be raving here as in bed.

A closed mouth catches no flies.

Keep up yer standin’, should ye never sell a ha’worth.

Have it yourself, says the bird in the bush.

The aisiest way ye get yer head outta the dog’s mouth, the better.

Lie with dogs and you get fleas.

Faraway fields are green.

As ye rear the pup, ye have yer dog!

It’s just a nine days’ wonder!

Ye can’t whistle and chew meal.

Never argue with a woman.

Eaten bread’s soon forgotten.

We must be saying something.

Give him an inch an’ he’ll take a mile.

Miracles will never cease.

There’s one born every day!

The world’s ill-divided!


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