Weather Signs


If it rains on St Swithin’s Day, it’ll rain for 40 days

Cows huddle together before a storm

When the wind’s in the west the cuckoo’s in her nest

When a dog eats grass it’s a sign of rain

A wind from the East is bad for man and beast

When the robin ventures indoors, hard weather may be expected

As Friday’s weather, so Sunday’s weather

Rain on Sunday, rain all week

If bees work around the hive, the rain is near

If the cat sneezes it is a sign of rain

March of many weathers

If the oak is well-acorned it’s a sign of frosty weather

If the frog wears a golden coat, the weather will be fine
If he puts on his black coat, rain is on the way

A sloe year is a woe year

A haw year is a braw year

A ring around the moon is a sign of bad weather
If the ring is close, the storm is near, if distant, further away

A wind from the south-west foretells wet weather

Candlemas storms and Lammas floods must come

The March winds had almost killed the old cow, so March borrowed a day from April to finish the job

It’s cold weather for snedding turnips!

Street Rhymes 1


Two snatches of old street rhymes keep running through my head.  I wonder if someone could put me out of my misery by completing them both.

‘Skinny melink,
Melojin legs,
Two banana feet…


‘.. he drank all the water
He ate all the soap
Last night he died
With a bubble in his throat.’

And the riposte when someone speculated on what might have been,

‘If ‘ifs and ands’

Were pots and pans

There’d be no call left for tinkers!’

I’d be grateful for any more you might remember too!

Finest Lady Ever


I determined as a New Year resolution, to visit again old friends I had not seen for quite a while.  I had feared that my dearest friend and distant relative, Sarah Hagan of Ardboe, might not be with us any longer.  It had been almost two years since I had visited.

Imagine my delight to find her well, if confined to bed.  Her mind is as sharp as ever.  She had feared for us, because we had lost contact!

Sarah will be ninety eight in July, if God spares her.  She is easily the most fantastic human being I have ever met.  I love her very dearly.  Happy New Year, Sarah, and may you see many more!  You are as dear and charming as ever.