Street Rhymes ‘n Times

“I had a little puppy

His name was Tiny Tim

I put him in the bathtub to see if he could swim.

He drank all the water, he ate all the soap

He died the next morning with a bubble in his throat.


In came the doctor  (person jumps in)

In came the nurse  (person jumps in)

In came the lady with the alligator purse. (person jumps in)


Out went the doctor. (person jumps out)

Out went the nurse. (person jumps out)

Out went the lady

with the alligator purse. (person jumps out)”


“If ‘ifs and ands’

Were pots and pans

There’d be no call left

For tinkers’ hands”

Many, many thanks to Janine for these great photos.  Please can someone help identify the persons photographed?

Joseph Mitchel’s pub is now McSwiggan’s, pub of George Connolly’s son.

The children are playing c. 1952, in Postley Row. 

The car belonged to the Rev Furniss, rector of St Patrick’s.  He is buried now in the adjoining cemetery.

So where was Postley Row?

As we used to say on the street,

‘That’s for me to know, and you to find out!!!’

O K, as usual I’ll start it for you.

The adult, 3rd from left at back of pub photo is Willie Mallaghan, who hailed originally from Omeath.  The man with folded arms in front of him is Mitchell, the owner.  His son Bobby opened the grocery store on the corner of Edward St/Merchant’s Quay where the Chinese Restaurant is today.  Billy Nummy, recently retired, then took over the pub.



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