Sayings in everyday use yet 1

..that’s in the hands of The Man Above ..

referring to anticipated weather for a great event, sporting occasion or the likes. Not to be said in the presence of a priest!!

Local Sayings still in everyday use [1]

The Almighty:

Sometimes referred to as, The Man Above, but then in a secular rather than a sacred sense. Church occasions require the use of the term, God, or The Good Lord. 

Others: ….

If God spares me, I’ll be seventy next April

[considered unlucky to express anticipated age without the qualifying clause]

I am as God made me [response either to praise or blame]

As God made them, He matched them [referring to a perceived wedded ‘mismatch’]

And the corollary……..

God made them but the devil matched them! [they’re now divorced/separated]


God mend it [hope expressed concerning the weather .. or more serious matters]


We’ll never see the face of God

[light-hearted (if sacraligious) comment re. some wrongdoing!]

God never closed one door but he opened another [another chance will come]


DEATHS: God be good to him [may he get to heaven]

May heaven be his bed

Lord have mercy on him

‘God made man, man made sin

And God made the hole

To shove the devil in!’

God spare you your health and give you long days ..

God’s good, but the divil’s not bad either! [things are going right!]

God’s Horse: 

a term given to a particularly large, hairy, dark caterpillar that was common in days gone by, and was avoided as it brought ‘bad luck’.

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