Local sayings in Everyday Use [2]

Personal: ….. towards youth and the very young …

‘Who’re you looking at?

‘I’m looking at you

With your eyes so blue

And you’re nose turned up

Like a kangaroo!’

‘Hi! You with the hair??’ You turn towards the speaker.

‘Not you!  ……..  Baldy!’

‘Hi! You with the hair like mine,

And mine like as ass’s tail!’

‘Luk at The Cow’s Lick!’  

Pejorative comment on a boy’s fringe that falls equally to left and right of his head.

Threatening comment (not really meant of course) on the likely outcome of a confrontation ..

‘There’ll be skin and hair flying!!’

… towards the adult population .

‘You’ll live a while yet..’ ..

less than supportive expression towards the complaining.. similarly,

‘You’ll over this and be as bad again!’

‘He fell into bad health’.

‘Health is the wealth of the world’.

‘If you haven’t your health, you’ve nothing’.

Life is sweet.

Them that’s complaining will see manys a healthy body down.

The ground is getting too low for him …

[He doesn’t bend over as aisy as before: I recently noticed my granddaughter ‘groaning’ in replication of me, when performing a similar lifting operation!]

He walks with a halt (limp), the hirpling (one who walks as though in pain) of a man who walks ‘scow-ways’ [sideways]

It would shake the teeth in your head (e.g. an ice-cold drink)

Thon one’s a bit carried (not the full shilling)

………………………. through-other

He’s failed away to scrapings

We can lick thumbs (we are in similar circumstances)

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