Agnes rages!

Dear Agnes,
I read in the Democrat that Councillor Lewis of Sinn Fein, the party that has overseen the greatest hike ever in Council rates, is trailing a further 12% rise this year.  This is at least four times the rate of inflation.  Then of course we will shortly be paying water rates too, courtesy of their inaction.  
They appear this time to have a magic wand however that can ‘achieve savings without damaging services or threatening jobs.’  Presumably while still sending Councillor Casey on further photographic safaris of Siberia!
Have they exchanged the blue skies of the Socialist Republic for the blue rinse brigade of the Conservative Party?
Or do you think by any chance there’s an election in the offing?
John Mitchel

Dear John,
You do a great disservice to Michael (Close The Harbours Behind Me!) Howard.  He doesn’t hide the fact that there must be severe pruning in Civil Service administrative jobs. 
Let’s say that Bertie (I’m A Socialist Too!) Ahearn has better credentials in that area.  As had Atilla the Hun.     
Count the number of candidates’ submissions to the local press.  Under twelve is form for the course.  Greater than that – expressing their concern/outrage/praise etc. for matters beyond their ken or control, and the election is just around the corner.  5th May, to be precise.
These candidates/Councillors have lent a new definition to the term, a ‘free press’.  The owners publish the ‘copy’ these people submit, so avoiding having to pay journalists.  So it’s free to the owners!  Apparantly readers don’t notice the difference.

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