Dirk from Kirk

Dear Agnes

You are a lady noted for your deep compassion.   Surely you, of all people, have a soft spot for Iris ?

Yours truely

Gay (Boy) Queen


Dear Gay,

Are you taking the p*** ?

I have teen-age sons I’m trying to protect from vamps like that!

And what does she look like?  A face-lift gone horribly wrong, perhaps.

And if the Sunday Life is to be believed she was allegedly screwing an East Belfast ‘shop-keeper’, now deceased.  I might be putting one and one together and getting three (that’s good!  Think about it!) but wasn’t the 19 year-old’s father now deceased,  described as a very good friend of Iris’s, such a person (he had a butcher’s shop) and didn’t that man’s marriage fall apart.  Is there any connection here ?

And not only was she getting a dirk from Kirk, but there was some one in the DUP also [allegedly] (some time back) enjoying her favours.  And in Peter’s marital bed, no less.  

‘I advise teenagers to abstain from sex’, she said, laying the teenager in her own bed.  

Oh, I have a soft spot indeed for Iris.

It’s a peat bog in the wilds of Monaghan.

Yours sincerely


PS Try the following for some light entertainment


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