Agnes 2: All Goes Wrong!

Dear Agnes,
Please help if ever you can! 

My whole life seems to be falling apart. 

My father was recently convicted for paedophile activities. 

My mother has just been arrested on a charge of prostitution. 

My husband and son are currently guests of Her Majesty for their nefarious activities, including drug-trafficking. 

My only daughter is ‘on the game’ and my youngest son is a supporter of Newry City F.C.

In your opinion, is there any hope for young Henry?

Will his team ever win a game?

Yours in desperation
Mona Bagful

Dear Mona,
Young Henry has to pass the Shamrocks grounds each time his team plays a home match.
Just reassure him that things could be much worse: he might have been a Shamrocks fan!
Agnes Dayee

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