Johanna Legova

Dear Agnes,

It was my wife’s idea in the first place that we hire a cheap immigrant female worker to help her with the chores.


Soon the lovely Johanna Legova became an indispensable part of our household.

I must admit that I found her very obliging too. She’s a real scrubber!

Irons everything out smoothly and goes down well with everyone  … to the local market on any errand we request, whatever, really.

She bends over backwards to oblige. She’ll give you a hand, in any place, in any circumstances.

Then she announced to me privately that she had fallen for me in a big way.

I really didn’t want to spoil a good thing so I eased her off me for a while.

What else could I do?

Now I don’t have any idea how to resolve my dilemma.

Can you help?

Luke E B’stard


Dear Luke

I was otherwise engrossed last week when I received your missive so I asked Mr Dayee his opinion about this.

He didn’t seem to be giving it his full attention as he surveyed the dirty mess that is our living room and there was a faraway look in his eye.

He was too slow to answer and much less than convincing when he suggested that you should reluctantly let her go ..

Interpret that whatever way you want.

My sincere best wishes to your long-suffering wife!

Agnes Dayee


P.S. Dominic sends his regards – and his heartfelt thanks to those among you who sent him ‘Get Well Soon’ cards during the week.

For my part I think it was all totally unnecessary.

A few bumps and swellings only. Nothing to talk about!

Like all men, he bruises too easily!

He’ll be right as rain before the month’s out.

Stop encouraging him!

AND address all future correspondence exclusively to me!

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