She leaned over!

Dear Agnes

I need your advice on a very delicate subject.

Behind my husband’s back I have been seeing a man …..

– a very energetic, loving, witty, charming and RICH man!  And he makes me feel like I am eighteen again.

Sex with him sets me on fire. I feel alive again. The fact that he is 87 is not a problem to either of us.

The big issue is that he wants me to leave my husband. I feel I cannot do that as the relationship with my lover is purely physical and sexual. OK fulfilling too – in that limited – but oh so delicious! – respect.

AND my doctor did caution me that I needed more exercise, so I’m acting on doctor’s orders!

This lothario simply cannot get enough.

Well, for that matter, neither can I.

But I don’t care to leave my husband. That is the crux.

You see, my husband loves me too AND he spoils me rotten. For example, he lets me cook, clean and do all the housework including looking after our kids!

Even though I love him dearly, from familiarity and sheer overwork our sex life has diminished both in frequency and quality. Now a climax to him is the end of his working day, when he celebrates by changing out of his working boots! 

I am a woman with needs!

My dilemma is this … should I go to my lover and let my husband buy a dishwasher?

Yours in anticipation

Eileen Dover


Agnes replies …..


I don’t doubt that you leaned over – you brazen hussy!

AND opened up those pearly gates!!!

But why not? Isn’t that what men have been doing for millennia?

But I don’t get the problem.

Why not gaily carry on just as you have been doing recently?

Even tell your husband if you must. No doubt he suspects already and wants to do nothing about it.

Some men are so hen-pecked that they can’t stand up for themselves, if you get my meaning!!

Appoint him as dishwasher in your absence and save your money for more important things, like sexual aids and toys!   Newry ‘adult’ shop, Miss Behavin’ is on Mary Street.

We like to help!

As Christy Moore sang so well ….


Agnes Dayee


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