Barracks’ Curfew 2

To understand how the youths of Linenhall Square could make this happen one has to understand the geography and history of that area.  Linenhall Square at one time used to be the town’s military barracks. 

When it was converted to public housing, everything except for the internal arrangements of the buildings remained the same. All the old barracks’ external structure and appearance had not changed a lot from its previous military usage.

The houses were still of the same original block layout and the area was surrounded by a high perimeter wall.  That perimeter wall was pierced by three gateways and there was also a set of pedestrian steps on the eastern side.

The young men of the Square would barricade the gateways and the steps and thus seal themselves into their own self-made citadel.  They would then light a bonfire and wait to repel assailants.

Sometime after the appointed hour for the beginning of the curfew the Crown forces would make an appearance. Naturally they would see it as their duty to smash down this barricade and try to restore the rule of law by arresting some of the curfew breakers.

On the other hand the young curfew breakers would see it as their duty to resist this invasion of their area and to try not to be arrested in doing so.

The outcome was simple to predict. The B-Specials would drive their Commer armoured tender through the barricade at one of the gates, and the youths of Linenhall Square would try to prevent them from doing so by whatever means they deemed necessary.

After a bit of a scuffle and stone throwing the youths would make a tactful withdrawal back to their homes. They had made their point and honour was upheld.

As for the Crown forces they had regained the territory that the rule of law dictated. Their point too was made. Everyone was a winner.

That is unless you were one of the curfew breakers who didn’t live within Linenhall Square‘s perimeter wall. You wouldn’t then have a bolt hole to withdraw to. To make it home, you stood every chance of being arrested.


…. ‘Curfew’  Davy lost………

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