Linenhall Square: Resumed!

We got to 34 Linenhall Square where Micky Mynes lived. His son Hughie joined the Army. 

Paddy Woods of 35 had a daughter Patsy who married Arthur Ruddy ex-Councillor for the SDLP. There was another daughter Peggy. And a Lily and a Harry (RIP). 

P J McGrath of 36 had sisters Molly and Ruby. All went to England and we had no more word of them. ****

Dinny and Mary Kelly of 37 had children Dinny, Teresa (mother of the McCaugheys Malachy, Martin, Gervase and two girls) and Pa Jo and Rita (who married Jim Blair). The McParlands of 38 had no children. 

Ernie Thompson of Belfast (39) had 3-4 children but they all moved back to Belfast. 

The Cushenans of 40 had a son now a priest in Banbridge: a sister married McElroy the Butchers of Margaret Street. There was an older brother who settled in England and Brendan, and Coleman who also went to England. 

There was also in Linenhall Square an old building that had been the military’s washhouse. It was boarded-up and closed but children could, and did get access. There were still shower-heads in place but not plumbed. Soldiers did their laundry there too. 

 Later it was renovated to accommodate a family. The first family housed there was the Clarkes. The father was Eddie and there was a son Tommy who was a jockey.  They moved after about six years and the McParlands (John was a fireman) got the house. The wife Margaret was a sister of Teesy (Kavanagh), Mick’s wife, already mentioned.


We have received (12 Feb 2006) the following by email from Kevin Livesey in England:


“P.J. McGrath of 36 had sisters Molly and Ruby. All went to England and we had no more word of them”.

I am pleased to say that P.J. and Ruby (my mother – she has six children) are both well and living in Preston, Lancashire.

P.J. will shortly be celebrating his 70th birthday and Ruby will be 73 this June.

Sadly, my auntie Molly passed away after a short illness last year. She had six children also.

Thank you Kevin, for the information and for your interest!


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