Kilkeel Residents 1916

This is another in our occasional series intended to help those in search of their forebears – this time in Kilkeel, County Down.  There will be two more of Kilkeel 1916 to follow …

Kilkeel 1916: Sandy Row

Samuel Burden

Mrs Campbell

Andrew Newell

John Whiteman

James Beck Jnr

William McKnight

Mrs McBride

James Hanna

William McKee


Kilkeel 1916:Newcastle Street

Dr Brothers

Thomas Boyd

George McVeigh

James Anderson

Thomas Edgar

Robert McKnight

D Perry

G Galbraith

Thomas Grill

James Stafford

John Burns

W Norris

Samuel Chambers

William Strane Jnr

Hugh Russell

Hugh McKee

Victoria Temperance Hotel

Robert Cousins

Miss Cunningham

John McVeigh

Presbyterian Church

James Quinn

John R McCullough

John Edgar

Isabella Hanna

Ernest Barry

William J Moore

Thomas Chambers

Newcastle Street is only partly completed here.  We will finish it next! 

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