Newry Agricultural Show

Newry Agricultural Show is still held today. In the past it was held, in the Showgrounds – now Newry City F.C. complex – on the last Wednesday of June each year.

 A couple of us would hurry home from school, grab a tin can and head at once for the Rampart Bank. 

This, you understand was not the official route but we had no money and didn’t intend to pay in. We jooked in the back. Scouring through all the marquees we would end up with loads of leaflets of no interest or concern to us.

Our main target was the Home Industries tent. This had all the home-baked cakes and pastries on display. We aimed to arrive there towards the close of day! I we were lucky enough, when the judging was over, some of the competitors would dole out to us from their unsuccessful displays! There would be a Show Dance later that night in the Town Hall but only the winners would there be on display. 

 We gorbed the lot on the spot – a feat that must have brought great satisfaction to those who had just learned that their product was not fully up to scratch. 

But now we were thirsty! Our next mission was to go to the back pitch where the livestock was tethered. We were in search of those cows with their udders dripping with milk. Now the tin can came into use! Someone was appointed to keep nick while the milker got to work! Soon the tin was brimming with sweet milk. Any health dangers from bacteria were the last things on our minds.

Later at The Showgrounds we would watch Barbara Faloon, Iris Kellet and Willy Cully – who rode for the Garlands of Ashgrove – compete in the show jumping. 

It might be eight or nine o’clock before we trudged our weary way home. We felt it a good job well done and looked forward to next year’s Show!

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