Open letter to Charles from Agnes

Now that it’s all over, let me be the first (you mean, I’m NOT??) to congratulate you, the Prince of Wales on your marriage to your very own Cinderella. 

It’s been a busy week for you, what with socialising with President Mugabe, attending the Pope’s funeral in Rome and then wedding your very own (well, almost!) Princess Camilla on Saturday. 

At least you have the old-fashioned values of a protracted engagement. Though I’m not sure that thirty-five years isn’t pushing the boat out a little too far!  

Sure you must be certain she isn’t just after your title and one of her own, ‘Queen Camilla’ no less… and she, that you’re not just after her body and good looks! 

Frankly -with no offence intended to your Mum – Camilla is surely a little easier on the eye than the present Queen, despite what the tabloids imply! Remarkable that, after all these years! Have you checked for signs of the surgeon’s knife?

What must you have been thinking of, shaking hands with Zimbabwe‘s dictator? 

But then the thoughts of your predecessor King Henry VIII of England and his very own marital dispute with Rome that brought (and still keeps) your country out of the larger Christian fold, must have been running through your mind. 

That too was about an English Royal who wanted to re-marry despite Church rules. And it was after this that Henry made himself Head of the Church of England. 

But that’s what you will be too……

I’m certain that, like me, you noted the sarcasm in that minister’s voice when he asked you, ‘Do you resolve to be faithful to your wife Camilla?’  And the same resolution was demanded of her.  Was he inwardly thinking …’unlike last time around, for both of you?..

I bet there’ll be no more public atonement for Royal misdemanours, when you take the throne!!

Sorry you had to re-schedule the civic ceremony and that even then, the ignorant plebs refused to stand aside to make room for their betters at Windsor Town Hall! 

Then the Grand National gripped the nation in its fervour so that you were married already and no one knew any better.

Chin up, Charles! Things couldn’t possibly get any worse.  

Except, of course, you’re not the boss any more in your own household.  

And neither of you is getting any younger. 

Love and best wishes from all at the Dayee household!

Agnes Dayee

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