Blown Gasket

Idle pipe dreams ! As per usual!

Dear Agnes,

I trust you will treat my problem sensitively – the reason why I write.

For some time I have strongly suspected my wife of having an affair.

Being a woman she has often turned it around on me, alleging that I spend too much time with ‘Bessie’, my vintage 1958 Morris Minor convertible which I frequently work on in our driveway.

Anyway, back to Penelope.  She displays all the usual signs: receiving and making odd phone calls at peculiar hours; staying out late with ‘friends from work’;  being dropped off some distance from home on her return.

One night I secreted myself behind ‘Bessie’ and kept a watchful eye.

Sure enough about midnight a sports car pulled up just down the road and out got my wife, as bold as brass!

Then, just at that moment I spotted it!

On the tarmac beneath the Morris was a large oil slick, just beneath the sump!

I fear I may have blown a gasket!

What do you think?

Piedro Pitstop

Dear Piedro,

If you have not blown a gasket, you ought to have done!

You have no option, Piedro!

You must strip her down immediately, clean her up as best you can and give her a thorough and complete servicing!

And first thing in the morning, leave your car with a reputable mechanic!


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