Private Dick

Well Mrs or is it Ms Dayee,

I have seen it all now…

You on your soap box telling all those poor souls looking for guidance about high morals and standards…  what is the matter with you?  Is it one rule for you and one for them?

And here you are sitting in a well know hotel in that great City canoodling with a man young enough to be your son and dribbling like an old fool and dressed like a teenager … well you wish!!

I’m gobsmacked!

I wonder what long-suffering Mr Dayee would say about the Agony Aunt?

No doubt you imagine that you have hit that certain moment when you imagine that life has passed you by and you want to recreate all the fun you apparently missed.

But what YOU’RE up to … well, I can only say that most folk wouldn’t do it on their own doorstep! What were you thinking of?

Where are your morals?  You are one to be telling others about the sanctity of marriage when it appears that you have forgotten your own vows.

Ok, I ‘m jealous and this long lean sex machine you have found looks at you so adoringly! Why? You’re no oil painting but you must still be ticking in the right places.

Either that or you have a stash of KY. Which is it?

Get a grip Aggie or the whole town will be talking about you and it won’t be a question of do as I say, more like do what I do.

Don’t be giving excuses, you lucky b**ch.

Yours truly,

Private Dick


Hi Dick!

Have you any photos of this event? Like the one included above? 

Have you firm proof or are you just ejaculating prematurely?

Despite the alias you hide behind you are clearly just another jealous middle-aged spiteful woman.  Perhaps the alias you choose is a mere phallic wish.

My answer is ‘Go find your own and leave me alone’.

And by the way, Domininus is all with me on this – usually all over me actually – so there!

P.S. Next time, please contact a press photographer!

All publicity is good publicity, don’t you know?


Agnes Dayee




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