Dear Agnes,

In all other respects he is a normal child, well in mind and body and taking a healthy diet, but just recently, my Primary-School-aged son has developed an anxiety about attending our excellent local school. 

Is there anything I can give him to overcome this problem?

Yours sincerely

Psi Chote

Dear Psi,

You are fortunate to consult with me on your problem at this particular time. 

You see, I have recently taken evening classes in homeopathic medicine; indeed I am the proud bearer of a Certificate in Naturopathetic Homeopathy from Newry Institute!

I am more than happy to share my new wisdom with the world!

You son might be undergoing bullying at school, or may be suffering from shyness.

He may have social acceptance problems, or he may struggle to absorb new information and to concentrate. 

His teachers will help to identify which, if any, of these symptoms he portrays!

Children, I have learned, respond well to flower remedies and homeopathy.

If his anxiety state is extreme, I recommend aconite.

If his concern is about performance, and boldness is required, try gelsemium.

(By the way, if your husband has similar concerns, try it on him.  Dominic’s performance has improved immeasurably, but that’s another story!  Email me for the delightful details!)

Fear of failure may be overcome with silicea.

And arsenicum dispels any over-sensitivity to the opinion of others! 

(ALL our politicians, I am reliably informed, practically LIVE on it!).

Mimulus is a good antidote to ‘known fears’.   ‘Unknown fears’?  They don’t exist!!!


But, I hear you ask, “Which of the above to take, and in what quantities?



Why not bang the lot into him

– as much as you can get your hands on?


 Mind you, had you asked me the same question last month,

I’d have advised a good few skelps on the a**e!

It always worked for our generation when we tried this melarky out on our parents!

Take your pick. 

The solution’s in your own hands.





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