Agnes on sex

Dear Agnes,

This is rather a delicate matter but I’m sure, Agnes that I can rely on your discretion.


It’s not that long ago that my husband Fred and I learned what goes where in the intimate department, if you understand me. Then suddenly everybody on television was talking about (and even worse, “doing”!) oral ‘sex’

(I’m sorry that I have to spell it out but there’s no other way to get it across).

The dictionary says oral means ‘of the mouth’!   Are we still doing it wrong?

Then there’s a packet I saw in the chemist’s containing oral contraceptives.  Now I’m sorry, but those wee pills would catch nothing! And would you really get babies in your belly after oral sex? It’s all very confusing and worrying. 

Talk about watching your diet!

Yours in confusion

Virginia Bottomlay

P.S. I read in today’s Sun that five girls under the age of sixteen have abortions every day. This hardly seems fair. 

Is it always the same girls and don’t they need time to recover?




Dear Virginia,

No, it’s not always the same girls. 

But it often is!

All your confusion comes from reading The Sun.

Quit that and all your problems are over! 



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