Eve ‘n Agnes

Dear Agnes

Our neighbours across the way are the most insufferable snobs who have irked just about everybody in the neighbourhood. 

Recently I have discovered that she is regularly entertaining the postman. Even passers-by stop to marvel at the ecstatic moans and groans emanating from their bedroom when he has special deliveries to make there!

My problem is how best to wreak vengeance on these stuck-up neighbours.

Eve S Drapha

Dear Eve

What a perfectly delicious problem you have.

You could content yourself with recording the sounds on your mobile phone, upload these to Youtube anonymously and invite the husband (by text message, phone or letter, quoting the relevant IP) to view (are the curtains left open?) and listen. 

If you are brazen enough, you might just stop him in the street, play it back to him and ask if he can identify the female moans!

By the way, you don’t elaborate as to the relative attractiveness of the postman. 

Perhaps you are just suffering from jealousy.

If so, never mind! 

Blackmail him instead.

Lie in wait for the mail delivery to your house. 

Jump out and play back your mobile recording to him.

I dare say he will happily service you too rather than be exposed.

Why not do both!


I mean … s**g him and hassle them!

Happy hunting!




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