Sneezing etiquette

Dear Agnes,

You are a lady who always knows the correct etiquette in any circumstances.

This photo – and these people – feature in our next story.  This is a ‘trailer’ to get you guessing!

Please can you confirm whether, after sneezing it is correct to exclaim ..

‘Pardon me!’        

Yours sincerely

A. Tissue


Dear A,

There are more than a dozen acceptable exclamations in the circumstances.

A simple ‘Excuse me!’ usually suffices.

However, at all costs please refrain from such expressions as ..

‘Sorry! Did that go in your eye?’ or

‘Here! You can wipe it off with this!’ 

or worse, as I’ve heard an acquaintance say …

‘Dear me! I think I’ve p***ed myself!’

It’s doubtful whether you’ll ever be forgiven for uttering any of the above!

Yours truly








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