Windmill Road 40 years ago

On the left of our photograph is Yvonne Byrne of O’Neill Avenue. Behind her is her late husband Johnny. Johnny Byrne met with an unusual and tragically fatal accident some years ago.

The child pictured on the left below grasping a toy in her left hand is their daughter Roisin. In later life Roisin married neighbour Davy McCartan. Davy’s mother Lily passed away just last year, after a prolonged illness which she bore with great fortitude.

The second lady in the photo is Kathleen Burns, and the child in front of her is her son Colum.   Kathleen emigrated to Canada some thirty-five years ago.  She is an enthusiastic reader of Newry Journal today.

Sheila Byrne, Yvonne’s younger daughter is in the pram. I think it is Sheila who today lives in the great Georgian house on the corner of Windsor Avenue and Rathfriland Road, that formerly was home (and business) to Peter McEvoy, Insurance Broker.

Terry and Rita Quinn (RIP – nee Campbell of Quay Street) are the other couple.

Pat Quinn, today of Courtenay Hill is pictured with his thumb in his mouth.

The group were out for a Sunday stroll on the Windmill Road – then a piece of the country at the edge of the town. That field gate was located near the entrance today of Yew Tree Park.

The photo is more than forty years old.

Those were slower, calmer – if less prosperous times.

Our thanks to Kathleen McDonnell – then Burns – for contacting us with regard to the photo!

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