The Cobweb

NOW I learn of all those great sing-song pubs of the recent past. 

Our own was the St Catherine’s Club on Merchant’s Quay (see Alice McKay story) but there were a few others too.  Notably Maurice Mulgrew’s Cobweb on Monaghan Street.

I mind the time I made my singing debut there!

I may be shy but I’ll sing in public at the drop of a hat!  Or, in this case, an ashtray!

I’d only got halfway through the first verse of The Boxer when it suddenly began to rain metal ashtrays!  I took cover and stopped instantly.

Uproar broke out!  Did I know nothing??

The clients were showing their appreciation with the throwing of ashtrays, the singer’s popularity being measured by how few ashtrays remained unthrown at his completion.

It was a ‘spit & sawdust’ type bar as in the days of old.  And all the more popular for that! 

It is sorely missed!

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