Skipping Rhymes we knew

              DO ACTIONS while jumping in the rope

I am a little Irish girl dressed in blue
Here are the things I like to do:
Salute to the captain, bow to the queen
Turn my back on the submarine.
I can do the tap dance, I can do the splits
I can do the hokey kokey, just like this.

Spanish dancer do the splits, splits, splits.
Spanish dancer do the kicks, kicks, kicks.
Spanish dancer turn around, ’round, ’round.
Spanish dancer jump up and down, down, down.
Spanish dancer get out of town. (run out)

Teddy bear, teddy bear, tip to the ground
Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around
Teddy bear, teddy bear, show your toes
Teddy bear, teddy, bear, off you go!
Teddy bear, teddy bear, go upstairs
Teddy bear, teddy bear, say your prayers
Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn out the light
Teddy bear, teddy, bear, say goodnight.

Benjamin Franklin went to France
To teach the ladies how to dance.
First the heel, then the toe,
Spin around and out you go!

Jelly On The Plate Skipping Rhyme

Jelly on the plate, jelly on the plate
Goes wiggle, waggle, wiggle, waggle,
Jelly on the plate.

Sausage on the pan, sausage on the pan
Goes sizzle, sazzle, sizzle, sazzle
Sausage on the pan.

Two little sausages frying in the pan.
(two people skip together)
One went POP and the other went BANG!
(one jumps out one side, the other player on the other side)

One one eat a plum
Two two touch your shoe
Three three bend your knee
Four four touch the floor
Five five reach for the sky
Six six pick up sticks
Seven seven pray to heaven
Eight eight slam the gate
Nine nine you’re doing fine
Ten ten this is the end.  

One two buckle your shoe
Three four knock at the door
Five six pick up sticks
Seven eight lay them straight
Nine ten big, fat hen.

Salome was a dancer
She danced before the king
Every time she danced
She wiggled everything (wiggle body)
“Stop”, said the king  (hold out hands in front)
“You can’t do that in here.”
(Nod head and shake finger)
Salome said “Baloney”
And kicked the chandelier. (kick out foot)

Little Orphan Annie hops on one foot.
Little Orphan Annie hops on two feet.
Little Orphan Annie hops on three feet.
(bend down and touch the floor)
Little Orphan Annie hops on four feet.
(touch floor with both hands)
Little Orphan Annie hops out!

I like coffee, I like tea
I like the girls and the girls like me.

Every morning at eight o’clock
You can hear the postman’s knock.
1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – there goes (name) out the door.
(person named jumps out, next in line comes in)

Sheep in the meadow, cows in the corn
Jump in on the month that you were born.
January – February – March – – – – 

Two little dickie birds sittin’ on the wall
(the two players jump in) 
One called Peter, the other called Paul 
(each player waves at their name) 
Fly away, Peter, fly away, Paul 
(the player exits the rope as name is called) 
Don’t you come back ’till your birthday’s called 
January, February – – -December 
(player returns when their month is called) 
Now fly away, fly away, fly away all 
(players both exit the rope)

OR just … Come back, Peter, Come back, Paul.

Johnny gave me apples,
Johnny gave me pears
Johnny gave me fifty cents
and kissed me on the stairs.
I’d rather wash the dishes,
I’d rather scrub the floor
I’d rather kiss (name)
behind the kitchen door.

Johnny gave me apples,
Johnny gave me pears.
Johnny gave me fifty cents
to kiss him on the stairs.
I gave him back his apples,
I gave him back his pears.
I gave him back his fifty cents
and kicked him down the stairs.

One two three four five six seven
All good children go to heaven.
Seven six five four three two one
All bad children suck their thumb.

Here comes the teacher with a big fat stick.
You better get ready for arithmetic.
One and one are two
Two and two are four
Four and four are eight.
Better get ready for spelling.
D-O-G spells dog
C-A-T spells cat
O-U-T spells out.

I went upstairs to make my bed
I made a mistake and bumped my head.
I went downstairs to milk my cow
I made a mistake and milked the sow.
I went to the kitchen to bake a pie
I made a mistake and baked a fly.

Cinderella dressed in yellow 
Went downstairs to kiss her fellow.
How many kisses did she give?

Cinderella dressed in lace
Went upstairs to powder her face.
How many puffs did she use?

Cinderella dressed in red
Went downstairs to bake some bread.
How many loaves did she bake?

Cinderella dressed in green
Went upstairs to eat ice cream.
How many spoonfuls did she eat?

Cinderella dressed in blue
Went outside to tie her shoe.
How many seconds did it take? 

Cinderella dressed in yella
Went downstairs to kiss a fella
Made a mistake and kissed a snake
How many doctors did it take?

Mother, Mother I am sick.
Call for the doctor quick, quick, quick.
Doctor, doctor will I die?
Yes, my dear and so will I.
How many years will I live to be?

Down in the valley where the green grass grows
There sat (name) sweet as a rose.
She sang, she sang, she sang so sweet.
Along came (name) and kissed her on the cheek.
How many kisses did he give her?

Down by the river, down by the sea.
I went fishing, my daddy and me.
How many fishes did I get?

Apartment for rent – – inquire within.
How many people will move in ?
one – two – three – four – five –
(Count as each jumper comes in, till someone misses)

My ma and your ma were hanging out the clothes.
My ma gave your ma a punch in the nose.
Did it hurt her?
Yes, no, maybe so, yes no, maybe so
(the answer is the one you miss on)

What shall I name my little pup?
I’ll have to think a good one up.
A-B-C-D-E-F-G- – – – –
(player makes up a name that starts with the letter missed)

ABCs and vegetable goop
What will I find in the alphabet soup?
A-B-C-D-E-F-G- – – – – 

Blueberry, strawberry, apple tart.
Tell us the name of your sweetheart.
A-B-C-D-E-F-G- – – – – 

Fortune teller, please tell me
What my husband’s (wife’s) name will be.
A-B-C-D-E-F-G- – – – – 

In and out through stalky bluebells

In and out through stalky bluebells

In and out through stalky bluebells

I’ll be your master.

Pat, a pat a patter, on your shoulder

Pat, a pat a patter, on your shoulder

Pat, a pat a patter, on your shoulder

I’ll be your master.

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