Agnes oiled and in heat!

Dear Agnes,

My mother should have prepared me better for the onset of this menopause! ‘Every time you ‘go warm’, she suggested, ‘is worth a guinea!’  What on earth did she mean? I’ll be ready for the 2,000 Guineas before long! 

 I feel like a Bunny ‘in heat’. 

I’m burning all over, AND burning every dinner! And I’m like a cobra, ready to strike at any minute, or so says my long-suffering hubby.

 Is there anything you or your good husband can suggest? 

Is Evening Primrose Oil any use?

 Yours truly

Hot ‘n’ sweaty!

 Dear Hot ‘n’ Sweaty,

These were matters not normally raised in polite society in my parents’ day.

I asked my mother once, when she was in pain, what one ought to give a woman on HRT and she just roared,


So ended my education in the matter! 

There was some mention in this household a while back of Evening Primrose Oil, but Dominus, dear bless him, soon found a better application for it later in the night!

St John’s Wart is often recommended though I confess it sounds more like a complaint to me than a possible remedy!

I explained to D. about the 2,000 Guineas, your Hot Bunny and you being constantly ‘in heat’. I’m afraid his reply was simply unprintable!

 Sorry I can’t help you further at the moment. I believe that’s the dinner burning in the kitchen.




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