Faith in Albion

In response to recent articles and the latest thread, we received this anonymous contribution.   Thought you might like it!

Come with me.   I’ll show you Newry

Not the usual ‘sound and fury’

Daring Wolfhound is my name

Informing people is my game.

I’ve scaled the peak of Everest

Gave the Barcroft boy a rest.

That’s no Abbot’s House you’ve got!

Fiddlesticks and Tommyrot!


Believe me now, for I know best

Better than ‘most all the rest

I’ve called by Newry many days

I know your customs, learned your ways

I’m the man who read the stones

Sent off that old pile of bones

Bagnalstown you soon will be

Just leave all of that to me!

I’d like to take you to the fair ..

Show you castles in the air ..

An emperor of fine-wove clothes ..

Public men .. all friends … no foes!

A flagship enterprise or two  ..

Matter of fact, you’ve got a few ..

A Basin now with wrecked cars, crammed

Two shopping malls, huge traffic jams ..

A city centre, dead at night

As you’ll be too, if you venture out !

Advance factories – now all Discount Stores

‘Training Here!’ … but training for ….?


We nailed the lie of Holy Men :

Rebels all …  both now and then !

Put your faith in Albion ..

(Oops! Another factory that’s …  err …  gone!)



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