Drowned in the Locks

There was a husband and wife one time lived down along the Fathom Line near till the Locks there where the ships would put in.

  Anyway didn’t they have the tarribl’ fallin’-out one day, so bad that yer man said he wanted till end it all and throw he’sself into the Canal across the way.  

Well, she must have still cared an awful lot for him, for didn’t she agree till help him?
He got her till tie he’s hands behin’ he’s back and he stood above the deep water there where the men crank the wheel till open the sae-locks.  He was afeared till jump so he toul’ her to take a few steps back and run and dunt him over the edge.
He was keeping an eye over he’s shoulder and when she got up and was about till dunt him over, didn’t he step aside.
In she went, head first.  From the cold and deep water she was yellin’ till him till save her.
‘How can I save ye?’ says he.
‘Didn’t ye tie me han’s behind me back?’

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