John McCullagh December 24, 2004

Five great roads emanated from the Hill of Tara in Meath (once again in the news as Bertie’s government controversially determines to drive a motorway through the vicinity!) to the rest of Ireland.   The northern-bound road, the Slighe Miodluachra, meaning the way of the middle rushy place, was well-named certainly as it traversed the Gap […]

John McCullagh November 11, 2004

Ye know the dip in the road just outa Meigh on the way till Newry?  The Flurry River passes under there.  Well, the shrubbery on yer left on that hill is on a part of the Black Pig’s Dyke.  Ye didn’y know that, did ye?  I’ll tell you the story of how it came by […]

John McCullagh May 13, 2004

The Children of Lir legend is of particular interest to the people of South Armagh since the Palace of Lir was located hereabouts, South Armagh, in the townland of Armaghbrague and reputedly about a mile from the present day Newtownhamilton. 

John McCullagh April 26, 2004

The highest point in the Fews is in the district of Armaghbrague [false Armagh] in the townland of Carrigatuke [hawk’s rock].  It rises to 1024 feet and was of note even in pagan days …