Pre 1800

John McCullagh January 21, 2007

Nor did ALL the Bagenal family hold true to the officially-sanctioned line of succession to the English throne! From the Ordnance Survey Memoirs of 1836 (another useful general history source) we learn the following regarding the Bagenal property acceded to Creely in Carneyhaugh …

John McCullagh January 8, 2007

 Almost all historians Post-Reformation (mid-16th century) belonged to the established church and if they made allusion at all to the Catholic faith, it was normally in the most derogatory and insulting terms, calling the believers Papists. 

John McCullagh January 7, 2007

We also learn from Bradshaw’s Directory (1820) that the patent granted in 1613 by James I to Arthur Bagenal made an exception of certain Newry lands formerly granted by Sir Nicholas and Sir Henry Bagenal (Arthur’s grandfather and father) to one Patrick Creely.  One line of thought is that Creely was the last Cistertian monk […]

John McCullagh January 5, 2007

Just as we look back to previously published works on Newry, so too Bradshaw (1820) looks back for enlightenment to an ‘old County Down Survey’ of 1740.

John McCullagh December 7, 2006

Why would Newry & Mourne Council – at the ratepayer’s expense – commission a survey, inquiry and report upon bones found at the old Monastery site and then not release the results to the ratepayer?