John McCullagh April 6, 2009

A number of us were fortunate enough to attend the beautiful wedding of Hilary Bishop to Gary White of Newry last Saturday.

John McCullagh November 22, 2008

For Oran Hunter: another ‘Point slideshow featuring two different snaps of his younger sister, our beloved Carmel bathing in the baths!  

John McCullagh November 19, 2008

Mainly for the benefit of our exiles and emigres, here is a current slideshow of images of our town.

John McCullagh October 9, 2008

In solidarity with the excellent Baths Support Committee of Warrenpoint on this, the anniversary of that facility’s first opening, we produce these old images.   Enjoy!

John McCullagh April 25, 2008

This old photo shows the elect of the town in the early 60s celebrating the elevation to the Bishopric of Monrovia of Newry’s Castle Street man Francis Carroll.    A list of names will follow!

John McCullagh March 8, 2008

I have been repeatedly asked to show some Meadow Families from the recent Reunion.  I have no original snaps (yet) so these are recycled newspaper photos.  Families portrayed include Yewlett, Rocks, McEvoy, Courtenay and McCullagh – others too of course!

John McCullagh March 6, 2008

How Armagh Active managed to take some 20 photos without once capturing a picture of the bowl or ‘bullet’ is a small mystery in itself!   At least we now know the origin of his pseudonym!  And these images capture the colour and excitement of these gladitorial contests!  AA’s story of the day’s proceedings will follow […]

John McCullagh February 17, 2008

This is a growing trend and varies from the tasteful, through pretentious to outright sepulchral!  It’s all a matter of taste.  Your opinion is as good as any other!