Industrial History

John McCullagh December 9, 2004

My name is John McAtasney. I was born in 55, Sloan Street, Lurgan, Co Armagh on Wednesday 11 April 1934, the second eldest of a family of eight children, six boys and two girls.  

John McCullagh November 30, 2004

When the Irish Citizens Association won the day at the Council elections of 1949 – and continued to dominate local politics here over the next decade – the sole surviving Labour voice was that of Tom Kelly (pictured here).  Single-handedly he championed at Council level the cause of the poor, deprived and oppressed of the […]

John McCullagh October 6, 2004

Just as nothing succeeds like success, so the failure of accepted (and sometimes negotiated) deals between workers and employers brought disillusionment in its wake.  All the early victories went to the employers and workers often lost faith in their leaders.     To confuse matter more for revolutionary socialists such as James Connolly, it was […]

John McCullagh September 30, 2004

Newry was still at the height of its commercial and industrial power towards the close of the nineteenth century when workers’ unionisation became an issue.  The concentration of manufacturing in industrial cities had not yet stripped the smaller towns of such enterprises as brewing, distilling and baking.  One of the bakery moguls, Willis of Monaghan […]

John McCullagh September 14, 2004

On the edge of the Calliagh Berra’s lake on the top of Slieve Gullion is a massive millstone, clearly recognizable in the photo from its circular shape and the hole in the middle. I’ll tell you the story and it’s the God’s truth, for indeed any other attempted explanation would be preposterous. There was a […]