A well-earned dunking!

There was a particular night I remember that was a great bit of craic and at the end of it all, they all drifted off in ones and twos. Then there was just Paddy Watters, Hugh Rafferty and me. 

Well, as we were parting, Paddy put his hand on my shoulder and he said:

‘Young Morrow!

You could get an education at the ‘Pass corner, to take you anywhere in the world!’

And in later years, I remembered that many’s a time, in many’s a place!

Another day Francis McSherry, Brian Gribben and me were sitting on the wall at the river in Chapel Street. Well, Hughie Downey was working in Tom Loughlin’s but he was on his way then down to Mick Canavan’s.   We were cocky young fellows of fifteen or sixteen and we thought Hughie was an old man.

So we made some smart remarks to him. Anyway he chastised us, but went on his way.

A while later he was coming back again and we thought we would ‘take the mickey’ out of him again. We were fast runners – or so we thought! He came across the street at us and we ran! We thought we were smart but we were stupid. We ran into the Ball Alley and could not get out!

He came down and caught us one by one. 

He threw each of us head-first into the river. 

Then he walked off about his business!

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