Sammy, Sammy and Sammy

‘It seems singularly unimaginative’, yer man says, ‘ for yon wan to name all her three sons Sammy!’

Nurses’ Home on left:  Old Newry Hospital (Workhouse) in middle distance

 ‘It is to be sure,’ his friend agreed.

‘It must cause all sorts of problems at home, when she wants to address one in particular’, yer man goes on.

‘Not at all’,  his mate disagreed.

‘In that case, she just uses his surname.’

Sign outside the Pentacostal Church:

‘The door to heavenly peace is through faith in Jesus Christ’

 Beneath it was a smaller sign, referring doubtless to that particular church’s access:

This door is locked. Try the side entrance!

There was a sign outside the public convenience on the sixth floor of the office block:

Toilet out of order

Please use the floor below

Sign on the washing machine in the local laundrette:

When the light goes out, please remove all your clothes


 On the nearby shop window, there was a sign:

 We can repair ANYTHING

 P.S. Please knock hard on the door as the bell doesn’t work!

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