Oisin & S. Patrick


‘It wus in the days of Oisin,  an’ Patrick was sore tormented for iverything that he’d be buildin’ on the Brague wud be down in the mornin’. 

An’ Oisin wus jist back from the lan’ of niver die, where he might have been livin’ still, only that he liked Ireland better.   An’ that’s that.

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Castle Street a century ago


Streets of Yesteryear

1913 Castle Street

7 James Kelly

9 Margaret Doherty

11 William McShane

13 Mary McAnulty

15 William McGreavey

17 Robert Curran

19 Henry Curran

21 Patrick Murphy

23 Annie McGrath

25 William Nolan

27 Patrick McCartney

29 James McDonnell

31 Margaret Rowentree

33 Michael McKevitt, Pub

37a Alice Boyle

39 Henry Lennon

51 Patrick Heaney

53 William O’Gorman

55 Brian Bannon

59 Rosaleen Hughes

61 Mary Rafferty

65 Kathleen Hanratty

67 Catherine Toman

69 Francis Price

71 Patrick Carroll

73 Patrick Smyth

18 Eugene McAteer, Grocer

20 Bernard McAteer

22 Hugh King


34 P Campbell, Shoes

36 Henry Butterfield

38 Annie Patterson

40 James Patterson

48 Kathleen McGuigan

50 Bro John V Mullins


Dr William Drennan


In the final decades of the eighteenth century the radical opposition in Ireland, inspired by both the American and the French revolutionaries of the time, was led in great part by Northern Presbyterians – among them the young poet and Belfast doctor William Drennan. For a few vital years in the final decade Drennan worked as a physician in Newry

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Adavoyle Ambush


The photo below is of the long-abandoned Adavoyle Railway Station, the one through which De Valera was ‘deported’ by the RUC that time he was arrested at the Canal Street police station.  There was another serious incident some one mile from Adavoyle just after the opening of the N Ireland parliament by King George V.

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