The Field: yet again

For most of the forty years we have been together my wife and I have attended the Newry Drama Festival each Spring.

Frequently we have been sustained through long, cold winters by expectation of the dramatic fest to be offered in March by the multi-talented Newpoint Players. 

I’m not sure whether or not our Council – or Newpoint, for that matter – still has an Artistic Director (or whatever title was conferred on the office formerly held by the ever-popular Mark Hughes) but I questioned a likely candidate in the Sean Hollywood Arts Centre recently on this very subject – i.e. the new Newpoint play!

“The Field”, I was told.

“Can’t be”, I retorted in disbelief.

“Was done last year.

And indeed, it got a re-run in December.”

“It is.”

“Why ?”

“It’s very popular, you know.”

“Like the Christmas pantomime?”

I don’t think that comment was appreciated.

We will not win Athlone this year.  We are unlikely to qualify.

Not even for Ulster.

And – in my humble opinion – for sheer lack of originality, we do not deserve to.


My review of The Field is here.

If you choose to re-read this review, please note that conditions b. and c. (the variety of directors and players offered their chance) – have been reversed by the decision to re-run the same old production yet again for another season!


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