Accountants Newry

Accountants Newry

The Accountants in the town of Newry have come together to form the best Accountants Newry. This is an amalgamation of many of the best accounting firms and specialists in the region, which come together to offer their services to individuals, both large and small, looking for ways to save money. They provide you with an accounting service which has a long standing history and still performs at its peak. They have taken the time to put in place a number of measures to keep their standards high. You will be treated with personal attention and the highest levels of personal service available anywhere. What this means to you is that your needs will be attended to immediately and with your concerns being listened to and seriously considered.

A lot of the best Accountants Newry services will offer free on site services where they can show you exactly what you need to know to make your money work for you. In fact, if you need a further explanation then it may be best to email them as they may be able to explain it better than you ever would. They are constantly updating their database and should have all the information you could possibly need by hand.

Accountants in Newry

Accountants Newry can give you good advice on making savings on your tax returns. They will help you plan and work within the rules and regulations governing tax. These accountants in the town have a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer you and they will never let you down. You will be able to discuss your case with them face to face and they are always happy to hear from you. You can contact them all of the time but it is best to do so when you have some problems that are causing you some sleepless nights.

Accountants Newry does not just take care of the tax returns. The town also takes care of paying off debts, buying supplies, setting up business and ensuring that all of the accounts are up to date. All of this works together as one big team effort and that is what you can expect in these accountants in Newry. They will be more than willing to speak to you about any concerns you might have and give you their honest opinion. They are not there to sell you anything or give you an instant decision, they are there to advise you and to help you make the best financial decisions that you can.

This is a large town and spread out over quite a few smaller villages. The infrastructure of the town and the roads are excellent and you won’t be disappointed by how safe they are. The police force is also very strong and you will feel safe here at all times. If you need to travel out of the town you will find that you can get to anywhere by using the local bus services, taxi services or even the intercity buses that run between all of the main cities around Ireland. There are many good restaurants in the area and you will find plenty to eat and places to stay. There are also plenty of shopping opportunities here and many people come here to buy Christmas gifts.

The town is also known for it’s annual Arts festival which runs every year from the middle of August to the end of September. This is a great chance to find some fantastic shows put on by some of the best up and coming Irish talent in the country. The festival doesn’t do anything other than celebrate the talent and the skill of the people in the town and showcase the talent that does live in this area. This is a great event for family and friends to come and enjoy the atmosphere and the music that are brought to the stage by the best in the business.

If you are looking to buy your next house or you want to just rent the place you will find that Newry offers a variety of different options for you. You will find a wide range of properties from apartments to townhouses and everything in between. In addition to this you will also find that the town has a vibrant community and plenty of other things to do.

Newry is a town that people from all over the county of Ireland have chosen to call home. This is a great place to buy property, to raise a family and to help out in any way you can. The town is bustling and active but at the same time it remains that laid back community that people have come to love. This is a good place to buy property and to help out in your community at the same time.

Solicitors Newry

Solicitors Newry

The Newry area of Northern Ireland has seen a recent boom in the number of solicitors’ offices. This is probably because of the area’s strategic location, close to two of the main UK counties, Belfast and Antrim. Solicitors Newry offers a range of specialised legal services including corporate, commercial, employment, landlord and tenant law, as well as a number of other professional areas of law. The city also boasts a vibrant and exciting entertainment scene, boasting a large number of live music venues and events, as well as a large number of photographic galleries and exhibitions.

In terms of location, Newry and the surrounding areas have a range of options that are suitable for solicitors. Some of the options include Eastvale, Dingle, Enfield, Grange, Belmont, Claddagh, and more. Some areas of law are more suited to specific areas of the city. For example, a solicitor in the Solicitors’ Office in east Belfast would be better advised to specialise in bankruptcy law. Therefore, those wanting to work exclusively in east Belfast would be better advised to contact an agency based in that area.

One of the areas that has seen the most growth in solicitors offices in Newry is the City of Newry. The recently refurbished Queen Street Regent’s Park has given the area a very impressive look, with state of the art facilities and amenities, plus a variety of retail outlets and restaurants. Other nearby attractions include the city’s famous clock tower and the Shankhill Bridge, which features a fantastic view over the town and beyond.

There is also a growing need for solicitors in the area of Newry following the recent increase in the number of companies that do business in the city. One such company is Envoy, which is based in Newry. It is one of the world’s leading telecoms carriers, with branches in Newry, Cork, Waterford and Belfast. Envoy’s head office is located on the former Lord Digbys Road, which was previously the site of the original Royal Irish Regiment’s headquarters. Since taking over the company from former owner Seamus Murphy, the company has grown rapidly and now has four floors and more than two hundred employees.

However, solicitors should take care to note that they do not need to have a specific area of expertise in order to provide good legal services in Newry. The city’s excellent mix of retail, restaurant and entertainment venues mean that residents and visitors alike will likely benefit from visiting a solicitor in Newry. Additionally, any potential solicitor should be in a position to provide advice to potential clients, especially where the law is involved. In other words, people living in or visiting the area should be able to get good legal advice from solicitors who are situated close by. This way, clients do not need to travel for hours in order to visit a solicitor in Newry, as their needs can be met at the local convenience store.

Some areas of the law in Ireland may prove to be more complex for solicitors to cover. This is especially true of areas such as corporate law, the Family Courts and international trade. While some areas may appear to be more complicated than others, it is important for solicitors to remember that the larger the law firm, the more resources they have available to them. Therefore, while a smaller firm may be able to cover more local issues in terms of business law, it may find it difficult to deal with complex issues like immigration law or European law. Therefore, both larger and small solicitors should consider whether they need additional education and training in these fields, in order to provide better customer service.

There are also many aspects of the law that solicitors in Newry may need to learn about. These include historical facts, important debates or cases and certain sections of the Civil Law. For example, since Ireland adopted a civil service system in the 17th century, there has been a need for many legislations concerning the administration of civil services. Solicitors in Newry have specialised knowledge of these areas, as well as knowledge of how different areas of the law interact with each other. Additionally, they will be familiar with the regulations and codes of conduct applicable to solicitors in Newry. All of this adds to the professional services that solicitors can offer their clients and can help them make informed decisions.

It is important for solicitors to ensure that they are up to date on all the relevant laws and regulation changes that are relevant to the area in which they practice. Doing so allows them to advise their clients on how to deal with the particular legal issues that come up. For instance, some businesses have very specific requirements when it comes to contracting with solicitors. In addition, the UK Solicitors Regulation 2021 requires solicitors to offer clear and precise advice in relation to certain commercial activities and commercial debts.

Jewellers Newry


If you are looking for jewellers in Newry, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will list some of the best jewellery stores in Newry. Our aim is not to mention the names of every jewellery store in Newry, but to provide you with a general idea so as to determine what kind of jewellery store best suits your needs. In our experience, Newry has a number of highly popular jewellery stores. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular jewellers in Newry.

Jewellers in Newry, Northern Ireland

In this article, we will not discuss the names of the jewellery store, but we will state the overall reputation of the store. For instance, if you have not previously purchased from this store, you would want to steer clear, as their service is substandard. We are not saying that all jewellery stores are like that, but we’re just stating the fact that you should avoid them. The best way to find a good store in Newry is to do some homework.

First, you need to identify what kind of jewellery you are looking for. Whether it is silver jewellery or gold jewellery, you should know where you can get the best deal. Some stores offer exclusive deals, while others sell the same stuff elsewhere for less. The best way to find out is to shop around. Compare the prices between various stores, and then make your decision.

You will probably also want to find out how the staff interact with their customers. It’s not all about the plush, friendly atmosphere. At these stores, you’ll find friendly and helpful staff that would make any jewellery lover feel welcome. You wouldn’t want to be treated like you don’t matter, or that you are second class.

The best jewellers in Newry would also have online websites where you could purchase your jewellery from the comfort of your home. This makes it possible to purchase your best jewellery from the comfort of your own home. If you don’t have internet access in your current home, or even if you live in an apartment, this is certainly a blessing. If you are purchasing something a little too expensive for your home, you wouldn’t want to have to take it in a travel container.

The best jewellers in Newry also have their own showrooms where they display and sell their best jewellery items. Their customers would surely recognize a jeweller who has his own showroom. It gives them more credibility and it also shows that they really care about their products. When you purchase something from them, you would be able to look and feel the jewellery firsthand. There won’t be any hidden cost or hidden fees.

Jewellers Newry is also well known for offering personalised jewellery items for their customers. This would include wedding jewellery, engagement rings, wedding bands and the like. They have something for everyone. Their staffs are extremely friendly and helpful. They are always on hand to answer your questions and to help you choose the best jewellery for your special day.

As you can see, jewellers Newry is dedicated to providing their customers with top quality jewellery at all times. They are always there to make sure that their customers would always come back to them. So even if you purchase jewellery from Newry, you can be assured that you are buying it from a reputable store that is known for providing their customers with high quality jewellery. So stop by and check out the jewellers in Newry today!

If you want to shop online, there are many jewellers available on the internet today. However, not all of them provide you with top class service. Therefore, it is important that you only consider buying jewellery from a store that is known for having excellent customer service. By searching online, you are bound to find the perfect jewellery store for your needs.

Once you find a few stores, you could visit each of them to see what they have to offer you. For instance, if you were looking for silver jewellery, you should visit the Silver store in Newry. The staff at the store are friendly and helpful. They will help you select your jewellery, whether it is silver gold or diamond. Furthermore, the staff will help you understand the entire process involved in buying jewellery. The store staff are always ready to give you advice if you need it.

On the other hand, if you are looking for fine jewellery, then you should visit the exclusive boutique in Newry. There are many exquisite pieces here that can make a stunning addition to your jewellery collection. In addition, this store has some of the best collection of semi-precious stones. The collection includes diamonds, sapphires, rubies and turquoise. Therefore, you cannot miss out on finding something you would love to wear.

The best for your home with the Vintage Leather Sofas

leather sofa

Like clothing, the decoration of homes is also reinvented to give new alternatives to home spaces. Vintage Furniture leather sofas are not only used in living rooms but also ideal for decorating offices.

Frequently, decorators see the use of leather sofas much more practical because they have better cleaning characteristics than conventional sofas, which is why furniture manufacturers combine furniture with antiquity using vintage-style sofas made of leather.

Among other things, leather sofas allow them to be easily cleaned and also prevent stains because they are waterproof, these being more durable than other types of vintage models, of course, the use of these sofas has allowed people to invest less money in upholstery.

Sofa factories created this model to present an alternative way of giving antique pieces to a home space, but with the initiative of renewing conventional designs offering the possibility that these look equally beautiful but with more durable materials.

From the economic point of view, these sofas provide significant savings in consideration of the years that this kind of sofas look intact. Also, leather sofas with vintage design retain the beauty of the old but at the same time give a more modern touch to the decorated spaces.

It is good to break down the advantages of sofas made of vintage leather, and the main advantages of this type of furniture are the following:

  • They last much longer than traditional sofas.
  • They support liquid spillage because they are waterproof.
  • They are easy to clean due to factors of nature, in terms of dust accumulation.
  • They save money by having them for a long time.
  • Combine with any design, however
  • They adjust to any colour tone in the walls fusing correctly.

To also mention the possible advantages of this product it is good to rely on design factors, durability and economy.

  • At the time of purchase, the price is higher than traditional sofas.
  • They have a small range of colours and almost always, the tones are brown, black and white.

If you compare the sales of this kind of sofa models with other traditional ones, it is concluded that these are a much better investment than models less resistant to water spills and other liquids that can fall on the sofa.

The trend of the use of leather sofas has revolutionised the way to decorate spaces of expert designers because these sofas allow taking the design of office spaces, hotels and home to a higher level since these are usually combined with other pieces or objects.

By the theme, these designs have been adapted to the trends of the most famous magazines in home design giving housewives; in particular, a better way to enjoy the spaces of your home bought this type of sofa.

Finally, vintage sofas made of leather, although they exceed several euros above the price of other traditional ones, is an alternative that deserves to be taken into account because these designs last longer and look more beautiful than those made of common fabric materials.

Singing Lessons Are More Than Worth It

singing lessons

One of the greatest of the simple pleasures in life is singing, and here in Ireland we have a long and great tradition of the ‘session’. 

A cultural phenomenon where local people aggregate in a pub, house or local hall to enjoy music and fun together.

The session serves many functions with the main one being the enjoyment of performing and listening to music.

But what happens if you don’t know how to play an instrument or sing? Or what if you have just started to learn but you have no confidence to do it in public? Well session to the rescue! 

One function of the session is to provide a space for people who are not very good at singing and playing to get used to doing it in public and practicing.

So in an interesting and fun way the session is  a practice session as well as a public performance.  

Depending on who is running the session and how serious the players are, the session will provide a greater or more limited opportunity for those on the learning journey to get involved.

Some sessions will be much more serious than others and if the players are being paid then there may be no opportunity for learners to get involved at all.

So if you live in an area that doesn’t have a welcoming session what then? The answer might be singing lessons. The joy of singing is truly one of the most wonderful pleasures we can engage in.

And if someone is really great at singing then there can be a lot of wonderful compliments that come from singing as well. Which is just fantastic if you’re the one who is doing the singing and getting all of the positive attention. 

So you might be living in Ireland and be looking for some really great singing lessons Belfast and if you are then the advice is to go for it. While it might take a little time and effort, and you might be very nervous about eventually performing in public it will still be more than worth it to give it a go. 

After all life is never as long as we might want it to be and regrets are never something we like thinking about as we lie in bed trying to welcome sleep. 

Even though I myself have had a few moments when I publicly made mistakes in my singing and playing there is no doubt that the times I have performed for people in public have enriched my life tremendously. 

Likewise watching family members perform in public, no matter the quality of the performance, has always been enjoyable and has given me some memories that I will never forget and always cherish, till the end of my days.  

So if you are considering entering the world of public performance then take my advice and get doing it. The sooner the better because you can start making those memories with family and friends now, rather than later. Your life will be richer and more fulfilled for the experience. Trust me, I’ve done it and so can you!

‘Grandad’ by Robert Service

Marty Bogroll

Heaven’s right ‘n sweet, I guess

In no rush to get there

Been a sinner, more or less

Maybe won’t fit in there.

Wicked still, gotta confess

Might just pine a bit there!

Heaven’s swell, preacher says

But got so used to earth here

Had such good times all the way

Frolic, fun and mirth here.

Eighty springs ago today

Since I had my birth here.

Quite a spell of happy years

Wish I could begin it

Cloud and sunshine, laughter, tears

Living every minute

Women too, the pretty dears

Plenty of ‘em in it.

Heaven! That’s another tale

Mightn’t let me chew there

Gotta have me pint of ale

Would I like the brew there?

Maybe I’d grow slack and stale

No more chores to do there.

Here I weed the garden plot

Scare the birds from pillage

Simmer in the sun a lot

Talk about the tillage.

Yarns of battles I have fought

Greybeard of the village.

Heaven’s mighty fine, I know

Still, it ain’t so bad here

See them maples all aglow

Starlings seem so glad here.

I’ll be mighty peeved to go

Scrumptious times I’ve had here.

Lord, I know You’ll understand

With Your Light You’ll lead me

Though I’m not the pious brand

I’m here when’er You need me

Gee! I know that heaven’s grand

But darn it! God, don’t speed me.

Fiddlers Green 2019


First, the bad news. Not for love nor money will you get tickets for the highlight, CLANNAD, fronted by Moya Brennan, next Friday night. I was really looking forward to this concert, but I too was slow (all tickets went on the internet and were snatched up like hot buns.)

Tickets for all other events (at least, as I write) are available. We booked only one Concert, Zodomo, next Saturday. Zoe Conway, Donal Lunny and Martin O’Connor. What a line-up. I can’t wait. We will attend other concerts, but will go as it suits. There are many alternatives, if any of these end up booked out.

We will go to Setting the Scene at Fiddlers Green (Sun 21 July at 12.00) and take the grandchildren – and a picnic – as always. The same evening we return to attend 10X9, where nine people have each ten minutes to recount a true story from their lives. [An Cuin]. Always a highlight for us six! Then a pint in INF (with a session) before we return home.

Monday, it’s Sionan Murphy at the Lunchtime Folk Club, followed by Ceili House with my mate Alfie Corr (that’s him on the banjo). That night the Corner House Clan are in the GAA Members Bar. If any energy remains, we will return for that.

That’s enough for now. We have to save some energy for the other seven drunken nights! Tell you later.

Glenanne Killers

  • My song for you this evening, it’s not to make you sad
    Nor for adding to the sorrows of this troubled northern land,
    But lately I’ve been thinking and it just won’t leave my mind
    I’ll tell you of two friends one time who were both good friends of mine.

    Allan Bell from Benagh, he lived just across the fields,
    A great man for the music and the dancing and the reels.
    O’Malley came from South Armagh to court young Alice fair,
    And we’d often meet on the Ryan Road and the laughter filled the air.

    There were roses, roses, there were roses, and the tears of the people ran together.

    Though Allan, he was Protestant, and Sean was Catholic born,
    It never made a difference for the friendship,  it was strong.
    And sometimes in the evening when we heard the sound of drums
    We’d  say, “It won’t divide us. We always will be one.”

    For the ground our fathers plowed in, the soil, it is the same,
    And the places where we say our prayers have just got different names.
    We talked about the friends who died, and we hoped there’d be no more.
    It’s little then we realized the tragedy in store.

    It was on a Sunday morning when the awful news came round.
    Another killing has been done just outside Newry Town.
    We knew that Allan danced up there, we knew he liked the band.
    When we heard that he was dead we just could not understand.

    We gathered at the graveside on that cold and rainy day,
    And the minster he closed his eyes and prayed for no revenge.
    All of us who knew him from along the Ryan Road,
    We bowed our heads and said a prayer for the resting of his soul.

    Now fear, it filled the countryside, there was fear in every home
    When a car of death came prowling round the lonely Ryan Road.
    A Catholic would be killed tonight to even up the score.
    “Oh, Christ! It’s young O’Malley that they’ve taken from the door.”

    “Allan was my friend,” he cried. He begged them with his fear,
    But centuries of hatred have ears that cannot hear.
    An eye for an eye was all that filled their mind 
  • And another eye for another eye till everyone is blind.

    So my song for you this evening, it’s not to make you sad
    Nor for adding to the sorrows of our troubled northern land,
    But lately I’ve been thinking and it just won’t leave my mind.
    I’ll tell you of two friends one time who were both good friends of mine.

    I don’t know where the moral is or where this song should end,
    But I wondered just how many wars are fought between good friends.
    And those who give the orders are not the ones to die.
    It’s Bell and O’Malley and the likes of you and I. ..
  • There were roses, roses, there were roses, and the tears of the people ran together.

This poignant Sands’ song has become a perennial favourite – with many hearers accepting the simplicity of the equation. Simple – and true in some respects, it fails to tell the whole story.  Indeed that may never be told – as evidenced by the duplicity and evasion of both candidates for next Prime Minister of the UK, over their obsession with absolving their ‘security forces’ of all wrongdoing during our Troubles. 

But for the efforts of pioneering researchers, we’d never know the truth.  All efforts are made to suppress the work of such people, especially in the UK and the occupied counties. 

Therefore I urge you to watch Unquiet Graves to be screened on RTE1 on Monday week 29 July at 9.35 pm. 

This ‘correction’ is posted at 22.50 on July 29 2019. Tonight’s programme “Unquiet Graves” has been postponed for ‘technical’ reasons. I suspect political reasons. If you are determined to see it, you can, at a cost of £3.50 view it via the following link. Good luck!

Director Sean Murray’s documentary of the story of the Glenanne Gang is a must-see.

More than 120 of our friends and neighbours in Armagh and Tyrone were brutally slaughtered by this combination of RUC and UDR men, British soldiers and loyalist paramilitaries.  Among newly aired allegations is one that British intelligence tried to get the UVF to attack a Catholic Primary School in Co Armagh, in supposed retaliation for the Kingsmills massacre.

The airing of this documentary will not result in closure, but it is a step on the way.

Boris will see it as the hounding of ‘our selfless heroes’.

The Newry Highwayman


The Newry Highwayman

In Newry Town I was bred and born
In Steven’s Green now I’ll lie in scorn
I served my time at the saddler’s trade
And I always was a roving blade

At seventeen I took a wife
And I loved her dearer than I loved my life
And for to keep her both fine and gay
I went a-robbing on the King’s highway

I’ve never robbed any poor man yet
Nor any tradesman caused I to fret
But I robbed Lords and their Ladies fine
And I carried their gold home to my heart’s delight

To Covent Garden I took my way
With my dear wife for to see the play
Lord Fielding’s men, they did me pursue
And taken was I by that cursed crew

My father cried “My darling son”
My wife, she cried “I am undone”
My mother tore her white locks and cried
That in the cradle I should have died

When I am dead, aye, and for my grave
A flashy funeral pray let me have
Six highwaymen for to carry me
Give them broadswords and sweet liberty

Six pretty fair maids to bear my pall
Give them white ribbons and green garlands all
When I am dead, they  may speak the truth
“He was a wild and a wicked youth”

In Newry Town I was bred and born
In Steven’s Green now I’ll lie in scorn
I served my time at the saddler’s trade
And I always was a roving blade.

Newry Journal