John McCullagh March 26, 2012

How time flies!  Already we have seen one third of all the plays in the 2012 Newry Drama Festival! Bart’s opening on Friday night was competent, distracting and pleasant:  I expect no kudos to come their way though. Ballyduff (Saturday) and Nenagh (Sunday) were both outstanding in their own different ways:  Waterford displayed an exceptionally […]

John McCullagh March 16, 2012

Some philanthropists, solicitous about the possibility of my becoming bored with so much leisure at my disposal, naively advised me to open ‘a wee shop’.  However recalling all the money I had paid out of my own pocket for pens, pencils, jotters, catechisms, readers, copies and rubbers for some of my old pupils (who did […]

original author March 15, 2012

Shortly before I ‘packed up’ – continued Sean Crawford – ‘I happened to be in our crowded local Post Office. A lady with the invincible inquisitiveness of her sex spoke loudly to me. ‘Is it true, Mr Crawford, that you are soon to retire?’  Everyone stopped talking and looked in my direction. ‘Madam,’ I replied […]

John McCullagh March 14, 2012

I was browsing the other day and came across the retirement reflections of one Sean Crawford of Warrenpoint.  These are almost 50 years old so I have to take it that the great Sean has passed on.  He has left behind a wealth of reminiscences – and historical notes – which I mine from time […]

John McCullagh March 13, 2012

“This is Tass Murphy again! I was born up in Derrybeg. Before the Derrybeg Estate houses were built. There was a wee lane, up where Parkhead Crescent is now. There was a pile of us: the McCoys, Begleys, Hartes, McClellands – Michael John Benett, McKevitts, Raymy hamilton, Fegans, Gunner Devlin, Feehans – all gone! We […]

John McCullagh March 13, 2012

A hundred years I have stood Looking out over those dark hills … A hundred years I have seen them come From child to man, down those stiffened slopes: I have stretched my hand to grasp their fears Soothed their sorrows, heard their grief All their whispered words of hope, like silent encrustations – Hang […]

Jonny March 6, 2012

Regular readers will have noticed that the Newry Journal is going through a mid-life crises. We have been adding hair implants, dyeing the grey and keeping things up with some chemical stimulants. However, not all change is bad. The recent changes on the Journal bring some benefits: A much more maintainable system for future viability […]

John McCullagh March 6, 2012

The Newry Journal started over nine years ago.  Here are a few screenshots from over that time – since we will be changing the design of the site over the coming weeks.

Jonny February 28, 2012

Here we see the “Walkers Line” at the Sacred Heart/St Ronan’s Schools lined with the daffodils planted in memory of Mrs Goss – in full bloom, and it is still February. My neighbour’s Camilla bush goes one better. Already it is shedding some of its blooms. Let’s hope we don’t now get a sharp frost […]

adminwp November 24, 2011

Helga is the proprietor of a bar.  It purports to be the best. A1 : in fact, it’s the AIBar.