Singing Lessons Are More Than Worth It

One of the greatest of the simple pleasures in life is singing, and here in Ireland we have a long and great tradition of the ‘session’. 

A cultural phenomenon where local people aggregate in a pub, house or local hall to enjoy music and fun together.

The session serves many functions with the main one being the enjoyment of performing and listening to music.

But what happens if you don’t know how to play an instrument or sing? Or what if you have just started to learn but you have no confidence to do it in public? Well session to the rescue! 

One function of the session is to provide a space for people who are not very good at singing and playing to get used to doing it in public and practicing.

So in an interesting and fun way the session is  a practice session as well as a public performance.  

Depending on who is running the session and how serious the players are, the session will provide a greater or more limited opportunity for those on the learning journey to get involved.

Some sessions will be much more serious than others and if the players are being paid then there may be no opportunity for learners to get involved at all.

So if you live in an area that doesn’t have a welcoming session what then? The answer might be singing lessons. The joy of singing is truly one of the most wonderful pleasures we can engage in.

And if someone is really great at singing then there can be a lot of wonderful compliments that come from singing as well. Which is just fantastic if you’re the one who is doing the singing and getting all of the positive attention. 

So you might be living in Ireland and be looking for some really great singing lessons Belfast and if you are then the advice is to go for it. While it might take a little time and effort, and you might be very nervous about eventually performing in public it will still be more than worth it to give it a go. 

After all life is never as long as we might want it to be and regrets are never something we like thinking about as we lie in bed trying to welcome sleep. 

Even though I myself have had a few moments when I publicly made mistakes in my singing and playing there is no doubt that the times I have performed for people in public have enriched my life tremendously. 

Likewise watching family members perform in public, no matter the quality of the performance, has always been enjoyable and has given me some memories that I will never forget and always cherish, till the end of my days.  

So if you are considering entering the world of public performance then take my advice and get doing it. The sooner the better because you can start making those memories with family and friends now, rather than later. Your life will be richer and more fulfilled for the experience. Trust me, I’ve done it and so can you!

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