Fiddlers Green 2019

First, the bad news. Not for love nor money will you get tickets for the highlight, CLANNAD, fronted by Moya Brennan, next Friday night. I was really looking forward to this concert, but I too was slow (all tickets went on the internet and were snatched up like hot buns.)

Tickets for all other events (at least, as I write) are available. We booked only one Concert, Zodomo, next Saturday. Zoe Conway, Donal Lunny and Martin O’Connor. What a line-up. I can’t wait. We will attend other concerts, but will go as it suits. There are many alternatives, if any of these end up booked out.

We will go to Setting the Scene at Fiddlers Green (Sun 21 July at 12.00) and take the grandchildren – and a picnic – as always. The same evening we return to attend 10X9, where nine people have each ten minutes to recount a true story from their lives. [An Cuin]. Always a highlight for us six! Then a pint in INF (with a session) before we return home.

Monday, it’s Sionan Murphy at the Lunchtime Folk Club, followed by Ceili House with my mate Alfie Corr (that’s him on the banjo). That night the Corner House Clan are in the GAA Members Bar. If any energy remains, we will return for that.

That’s enough for now. We have to save some energy for the other seven drunken nights! Tell you later.

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