John McCullagh June 6, 2011

  Back at home now, I noted that my father was still at work and my mother had gone to town to collect the ‘Family Allowance’. I wouldn’t get a better chance that this!

John McCullagh June 5, 2011

  There was a battery of bone-handled shaving brushes of the cylindrical variety on display on the narrow counter at chest height before him and from these Hugh Gorman chose one with short, white-tipped, horse-hair bristles.

John McCullagh June 3, 2011

  But I had good reason for concern. Whatever I’d said wrong would be relayed to my dad when he called in to Gormans on Saturday for his monthly grooming. 

John McCullagh June 1, 2011

  Sadly I don’t have enough hair left now  on my head  to occupy any barber for more than a few minutes  –  but there was a time when I could rival Jedward for high-rising quiffs. 

John McCullagh April 3, 2011

I thought it a good idea, good enough to share with you. If the notion of the 36 mile round trip by bicycle to Portadown deters you, how about halving it? If you’re my age and have the Smartpass…  

John McCullagh February 27, 2011

Throughout his long association with Journal, with your editor and with the other eejits of this site, never once did Tony Carroll ever complain about the harsh lot he was dealt in recent years, the trials he had to endure since his dear wife Ann was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease and the enormous pain […]

John McCullagh February 7, 2011

‘On you go now! Run, son, like the devil And tell your mother to try To find me a bubble for the spirit level And a new knot for this tie.’

John McCullagh January 18, 2011

On Santanta’s instigation I took another look recently at Bill Cullen’s ‘It’s a Long Way from Penny Apples’.  A decade old now, it feels as if it’s of another age. And it tells of another earlier age, the 40s and 50s in working-class Dublin.