John McCullagh October 19, 2011

They’ll tell you that coming events are presaged in the present. Sure, if it wasn’t true, there’d be no need for prophets, seers or mediums. If you are disbelieving …

John McCullagh October 13, 2011

‘The very first thing I had to do in London,’ Minnie continued, ‘was to get my hair cut short and wash it in hot water with washing soda. Strong stuff, even to be putting on the clothes!

John McCullagh October 12, 2011

‘You’re gonna be eating strange bread!’ said Minnie the Caddy, running her finger round the rim of the tea-cup. She was telling a fortune, in her little cottage up the flank of Slieve Martin, near Rostrevor.

John McCullagh August 31, 2011

The traffic was stopped in every direction, waiting for us .. or for the donkey. Everybody came up with ideas or gave a hand. Would that donkey put a foot on the wooden bridge? No. It was like Delaney’s donkey in that song.