School Days

John McCullagh May 26, 2006

It might have been yesterday when I learned – with a start – that my first child was ready to begin school.  Selfishly, I thought only of how my own years were running away.

John McCullagh April 30, 2006

The class photo below arrived from an anonymous well-wisher.  Every single boy – I hear – passed the 11+ from this Class of 1961-2.  This might be the same group I uploaded two years ago.  Is it?  In any case, the first photo was certainly not in colour. Go ahead and name them all for […]

John McCullagh April 10, 2006

When we went to see, ‘The Song of Bernadette’ and a local priest appeared before the start and ordered prayers, we all squeezed down dutifully on the greasy floor between the rows of seats and prayed like mad to Saint Bernadette.

John McCullagh April 9, 2006

When the ‘Savoy‘ cinema in Monaghan Street was blown up in 1953 after showing the newsreel of the Coronation, I rushed into my granny’s house from school at dinner-time with the news that ‘the Catholics blew up the Savoy!’