School Days

John McCullagh January 9, 2004

It was that picture of the infamous Brother Doc brought this incident to my mind.  It seems difficult to believe that such a cruel man could be so na

John McCullagh September 15, 2003

Mindful of its gloomy history, I have always regarded the quarry with thoughtful apprehension. Despite this, as an older boy I would go fishing for spricks (sticklebacks) in its clouded, enigmatic waters. The spricks were much bigger here and so more desirable.

John McCullagh January 29, 2003

I was thirteen then and just beginning to take an interest in girls.   I had had one girlfriend, Monica Jones, a neighbour’s daughter, with whom, amazingly, I shared a birthday.   I think that was all we had in common.   Our childish tryst didn’t last.